Cabin Trio $20.99
Sampler platter of mesquite grilled ribeye steak, shrimp and chicken breast served with grilled veggies.

Choose from 3: Choice aged Angus beef grilled to order.
Stock Yards 22 oz Bone-In Ribeye $34.99
Stock Yards 10 oz Aged Angus Beef Sirloin $16.99
Stock Yards Hand Cut 16 oz Ribeye $22.99
(Marinated, seasoned and mesquite grilled to order.)

8 oz Center Cut Beef Filet $26.99
Marinated and mesquite grilled to order.

Fajita Skirt Steak $15.99

Tender skirt steak, seasoned and mesquite grilled.

Quail Dinner $15.99

Two semi-boneless quail roasted over a mesquite fire and grilled to perfection.
Quail (1) and Shrimp (7) Combo $16.99

Jumbo Butterfly Shrimp (12) $16.99

Marinated, seasoned, mesquite grilled and covered with BBQ sauce.

Fresh Fish of the Day(ask server) MKT PRICE
Grilled or blackened

Boneless Chicken $13.99

2 fresh marinated, 6 oz skinless breasts seasoned and cooked over an open flame.

Juarez Chicken $14.99

Boneless chicken breast grilled in creole mustard sauce, smothered with bacon bits, mushrooms and cheese.

12 oz Pork Chop $16.99

A one inch, bone-in center cut chop that is marinated and mesquite grilled.

Baby Back Ribs 1/2 Slab $15.99 Full Slab $18.99

Mesquite smoked and smothered in our bourbon BBQ sauce and seared on an open flame.

How would you like your steak? Rare - Cool Red Center • Medium Rare - Warm Red Center
Medium - Warm Pink Center • Medium Well - Slight Pink Center • Well Done - No Pink